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It convinces us that something is shifting in human consciousness. We see a worldwide search for inner satisfaction and meaning. The general expressions of culture - all reflects a growing outcry for a return to quality and integrity and for the rebuiding of a community based sense of ethics. What is occurring now is an internal shift in which the individual changes first, and the institutions of human culture more or less look the same but are rejuvenated and transformed in place, because of a new outlook by those who maintain them.

What is virtue? It might be a force that has or can have an effort. The virtue of a human being would be to will and to act in a human way. All virtues are historical, as all the qualities that make up what we call our humanity; humanity and virtue inevitably converge. Virtue represents and encounter between biological evolution and cultural development.  politeness precedes morality, it only comes into being little by little, as an internalized politeness that has freed itself from considerations of appearance and interest and focuses entirely on intentions. good manners precede and prepare the way of good deeds. morality is like a politeness of the soul, an etiquette of the inner life, a code of duties.

Ayako Yamamoto(山本亜矢子)

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