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Outline of Kyoto gospel church

Basic philosophy

Introduction of the pastor


Outline of Kyoto gospel church


The Kyoto gospel church was a reason wistaria Hayashicnio priest and, at first, was C.M in the duck under Sakyo Ward . It started by missionary Thomson in 1957. And, it moved to the Kita Ward Kamigamo head temple that was a present place in 1962. A lot of graduation children were sent off until the Hozana garden's that was the kindergarten of the church attachment being opened, and closing in 1998 in 1975. And, a present house of god of four ferroconcrete stories completed in 1986.

This church has appeared one after another a lot of priests so far, and those related churches exist in the whole country. Moreover, this church is still holding 'Tokyo meeting' and two branch churches in Waseda in 'Northern Kyushu Harvest church' and Tokyo in Kokura in Northern Kyushu.


?This church is composed of not only the person in local Kyoto but also people of a Japanese nationwide coming from, and people of all age groups have gathered from the baby to the elderly person.

Moreover, the exchange with foreign countries can be active so far, and the guest from the foreign country come well. In addition, fund-raising and used clothes, etc. are sent to an overseas orphanage etc. every year. Moreover, the people in the region are familiar for years as 'Church that does the concert', too.

It was brought together in the church vision 'An apostle who invents a new church and central church is built and raised' on the 21st century, and it keeps advancing along 'Sage capital Jerusalem 21 plan'.


This church belongs to the Japanese gospel pentecost religious sorority as a church of protestantism who stood hard in teaching the Bible that is god's word.

Old church construction(1964)
Old service temple(1965)
Hozana kindergarten(1980)

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Basic philosophy

'It is born, it raised by the spirit, and it is sent off' (From sage capital Jerusalem 21 plan) this church is advancing with the following 4 concrete ideas in this basic philosophy.

  1. This church is a church that lives in the prayer and the remark.
    • It is pleased with the remark opened to the spirit by a powerful prayer and the Abrasoso spirit, follows, and it aims at the church of a dynamic Christian.
  2. Church of service with vigor and powerful propagation
    • Each one is changed through the service as spirit's festival with which Nozoa overflows and the service that fills people's needs where it lives, it is filled by the spirit, and it aims at the church that tells people the Christ with pleasure.
  3. Church that values each one each other
    • It aims at the church of love where each one does an enough caring each other, and individual individuality and the result are made the best use of richly by a small group.
  4. Church that contributes to region, the country, and foreign countries
    • My church is sent off to spirit's love and power, goes out to the local society, and aims at a big Japan church of the scale that goes out to the world in addition.

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Introduction of the pastor

Pastor Motoaki Kohira

It is born in Oita in 1959. Department of Law at Doshisha University is led to the Kyoto gospel church while attending school, and it becomes a Christian at the age of 18.

It graduates from CLC(Christian Life College) of United States California state in 1995.It arrives at the priest of the Kyoto gospel church assuming the position and now in 1997.

Mr. and Mrs. Kohira
Pastor Tomoe Kohira

It is born in Ishikawa in 1961.

It is led to the church at the student of the nurses' school in Osaka. It finds employment in the hospital in Kyoto after it graduates, it graduates from the associate production subject of Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine afterwards, and midwife's qualification is taken.

After it graduates of the horse Bible school of the 1994th grader, it becomes a preacher in the Kyoto gospel church. It marries former Akirashi Odaira in 1996, and it arrives now. Her hobby chats.

Pastor Kinu Hirata

It is born in Kyoto in 1926. The Christ is believed in the Kyoto Sctamashii hall in 1953. It serves as the priest of the Uji gospel church from 1960 to 1988 after it learns at the Japan Junshin Bible school. It becomes a cooperation priest in the Kyoto gospel church in 1989.It assumes the position of the chief priest in 1992.

It becomes a counselor priest in 2000, and it arrives now.

Pastor Kinu Hirata
Pastor Masaaki Kuri

It is baptized in November,1970.The spirit is received in January,1971.It graduates the Asaell propagation Bible school in April,2004.It becames a preacher in May,2005.

Pastor Kuri

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