Room Rates & booking
Room Rates & booking
            Charges are supposed to be paid in cash in advance.
            Chidren's fare is not available.
            Infants under five are free if a bed is shared with parents.

Accommodation charge
A day  ¥2,000/person
A week ¥12,000/person

charting whole house
  1~7peerons 8~16persons
A day  ¥15,000 ¥2,000×the number of persons 

Discount due to long term charting dormitory and whole house is not available.

using tent sight
 A day  ¥1,500/person During low season wind is so strong the tent site is closed.  
 A week  ¥9,000/person

 If you take your own tent, you can make use of every equipment and utensil in ‘Furai-bou’.

    In case of using only tent site, it’s free of charge. A tent for four is available for \3.000.